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People First Project Management™ Teaches Organizations How to Create a More Productive & Profitable Team

Project managers cope with a variety of challenges every day. Some of these challenges are related to the technical aspects of running a project; some are related to human factors. Many project issues are the direct result of the failure to recognize, prevent, or address the human-related issues in project delivery. Often project managers attempt to resolve them as they would any other project issue, without understanding the underlying human factors that contributed to the problem.

Many project issues can be avoided if project management staff are equipped to recognize and appropriately handle the human factors at the root of the problem. Some of these are obvious within a short time, while others take a longer time to identify. In either case, the project manager must be equipped to effectively and efficiently address the issue, or it will cost the organization in missed milestones and lost profits!

Addressing the Human Side of Project Management – Putting People First

  • Project Managers can become significantly more effective in project delivery by utilizing powerful human factors in leading their teams and those of their clients.
  • IT consulting firms and their Project Management teams can relate to their customer organizations more effectively, and thereby drive more profit to the bottom line.
  • Internal IT Departments can serve their end-user organizations more effectively with timely delivery of cost-effective IT solutions.
  • End-User Organizations (the eventual beneficiaries of the new systems) can achieve an equal footing with their IT counterparts, and employ these powerful human factors in working alongside the technical teams.

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