Merv provides consulting services, both onsite and virtually. He also presents tailored keynotes, workshops and webinars for his clients. He works directly with executives, project managers, and teams to help ensure a more profitable organization.

Team Assessment Consultation Program

Merv will consult on-site with your team during project execution to review client interaction, stakeholder awareness, senior management involvement, and overall adherence to best practices of project delivery – significant human factors in Project Management.

Project Management Checklists are used to help ensure that major aspects of the project delivery review are covered in detail. Merv also relies on intuitive processes developed over his many years of experience. His insight helps your organization understand where your projects are excelling and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

Your organization will receive actionable recommendations for immediate implementation with proven recommendations that go straight to your bottom line.

Team Assessment Consultation Includes:

  • Discovery Pre-Consultation Call and Evaluation
  • On-site or Virtual Consulting Programs (1-3 days, depending on size and complexity or virtual online consultations)
  • Interviews of project personnel at various levels within the project team and client team members at various levels
  • Meetings with executive management from both the project delivery organization and the end-user (customer) organization
  • Meetings with major stakeholder(s)
  • Observation of internal project team meetings, project status meetings, and applicable work sessions (e.g. requirements gathering, system design, training preparation sessions)
  • ‘Wrap Up’ session with preliminary findings, written report of findings, and action plan

Team Development Program

In this comprehensive consulting program Merv provides active instruction, role playing, scenario replay, and immediate feedback to assist your managers to make better project decisions and take more effective project actions. Project Management Expert, Merv Jersak will work along side your project leads to provide hands-on personalized consultation for your project delivery.

Your project leaders will uncover proven techniques for applying powerful human factors to Project Management, for utilizing technical processes and systems more effectively, for maintaining stronger team and customer relationships, and for adhering to best practices in project delivery.

Team Development Includes:

  • Discovery Pre-Consultation Call and Evaluation
  • On-site consulting and instruction by a seasoned Project Manager who gets results
  • Feedback sessions to reinforce key learnings
  • Ongoing email access during the course of the engagement and for a specified time afterward
  • Periodic review meetings with executive management
  • Exit interview to summarize team leads’ overall development

This consulting program is tailored to best fit the needs of your organization, and also utilized as a follow-on to your Team Assessment Program. The Team Assessment Consultation and Team Development programs can be packaged together for a more comprehensive on-site consultation.

Executive Success Positioning Program

Merv Jersak helps end-user organizations position themselves for success from the start. He offers personalized consulting for executives to help them make effective decisions for their complex projects, to work with project delivery teams, and to prepare their organizations for their project responsibilities. Executives learn how to prepare their organizations to accept the new systems, and to determine whether their organizations’ funds and resources are being spent effectively.

Executive Success Positioning Include:

  • Discovery Pre-Consultation Call and Evaluation
  • Consulting services as-needed and guidance in decision making during project execution
  • Preparation of the customer/end user organization to manage its side of the project responsibilities, and assistance to ‘keep up’ with the IT project team
  • Creating satisfied end users for ongoing success
  • Planning services for accepting and maintaining new systems and a plan of action to move the project forward

All consulting and review services are tailored to fit the specific and needs of your organization.

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