Merv Jersak has 40 years experience as a systems consultant, IT Project Manager, and professional speaker. He founded his speaking and consulting business, People First Project Management™ to address one of the biggest problems most IT organizations have, and that is NOT focusing on the human side of project management. This problem is costing organizations extreme losses in productivity and profits!

Merv is committed to helping organizations develop the powerful human factors within their project teams that lead to project success. He supports IT consulting firms and companies’ internal IT departments to increase their probability of successful project delivery by focusing on the people side of project management.

It doesn’t matter the size of an organization;
projects can only be delivered through their people:

  • People in the role of Project Managers
  • People in the role of Project Delivery Staff
  • People in the Technical Aspects of Project Management
  • People in the end user organizations

Overall, IT staff are expected to be experts in the human factors of project delivery — but most of the time they are not! And projects suffer as a result of this!

Merv Jersak doesn’t just believe in offering advice — he walks his talk by delivering decades of experience!

He is trained and experienced in the technical aspects of project delivery; and at the same time, he deeply relates to the critical people side of project delivery.

He has made it his mission to develop the skills to support the people side of project management, and has seen a dramatic difference in team development, productivity, and profits.

It’s your project — manage it extraordinarily well by
managing and focusing on the people side of the project first!
– Merv Jersak

People First Project Management™ guides your teams
by providing support for Project Managers by Project Managers.


We provide the following support:

  • Keynotes, Seminars, Breakouts, and Workshops
  • Training in the Application of the Human Factors of Project Management to Real Life Project Situations
  • Project Execution Reviews
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Consulting with Project Executives and End-User Organizations


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