Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

People First Project Management founder, Merv Jersak, provides upbeat, inspirational keynote presentations, conference seminars, conference breakouts, and training programs for organizations that are are in the business of implementing major systems projects, IT consulting firms, internal IT departments, and end-user organizations alike will benefit from the hands-on practical experience Merv brings.

With over 30 years’ experience in project delivery, Merv shares his unique stories of success and disappointment, the good and the flawed, from first-hand experience. He has worked on projects that were highly successful, and some that were not so successful. And he has the stars and scars to prove it.

What is KEY to project delivery is the skill of putting people first! These overlooked skills must be present alongside those highly emphasized technical skills. Teams walk away from Merv’s presentations with new insight, practical techniques, and a roadmap to greater success and satisfaction in project delivery.  He delivers proven ideas and principles that go straight to your organization’s bottom line.

Develop Powerful People First Skills to Grow a Dynamic Team & Create Greater Project Success

Your project managers most likely possess highly-tuned technical skills in managing projects — yet do they know how to put people first?  By adding the human factors to your projects you begin to powerfully ignite your teams to greater productivity and project success.  Timelines and To Do Lists will get your projects only so far — yet instilling the “people first” skills to your project will make a lasting impact and allow your organization’s profits to soar.

The PMBOK® Guide and PMP certification – while absolutely essential – are simply not enough. Uncover the secrets and the art of these powerful people skills that will dramatically accelerate your project delivery success.

Learn how to:

  • Instill powerful people skills and techniques into your Project Management arsenal that reflect directly on your bottom line
  • Increase efficiency, proficiency, and the likelihood of timely project delivery
  • Infuse proven human factors of Project Management across all of the Project Management Knowledge areas
  • Create powerful allies in your stakeholder groups
  • Set expectations among your end-users, and put their fears at ease
  • Develop and grow in-house talent

Powerful Communication Skills for Project Managers that Unlock the Secrets to Your Success

Research shows that 62%-68% of IT projects fail even as unprecedented numbers of IT professionals are earning their PMP certifications. Often project failures are NOT a technical Project Management problem. In this presentation you will discover the secrets to why projects fail at such alarming rates and what to do to avoid these failures in advance.

In this presentation, your Project Managers will the learn power of communication proficiency, and how to use it to unlock the art and skill of putting people first in your organization.  You will also uncover the human factors that are so essential to effective project delivery. So often these communication skills are assumed, or are given mere lip service within the project delivery organization.

Learn how these skills are equally necessary to implement successful and profitable projects.  You’ve heard it said that the “soft skills” are the hard skills. Well, there’s nothing “soft” about communication skills — this presentation will teach you new skills that you can begin to implement right away.

Learn how to:

  • Communicate in the language of your end-users
  • Bring your end-user team along as fully contributing partners
  • Differentiate your various project audiences, and how to communicate with each
  • Conduct effective meetings that are informative, action-based, forward looking, and a delight to attend
  • Use e-mail effectively, when to use it, when not to, and the etiquette surrounding email
  • Write effectively for a non-technical audience
  • Bolster your teams’ commitment

Transform Tech-Talk into Powerful Presentations That Instantly Connect You to Your Team

In this highly interactive presentation you will learn proven presentation skills, crafted from the perspective of a life-long Project Manager, and customized specifically for today’s Project Manager. Whether presenting an IT proposal, or a project progress report, or a technical explanation to your major stakeholders, or a pep-talk to your project team — who better to deliver it than the Project Manager? Yet, often these same Project Managers, so skilled in technical project delivery, lack basic presentation skills.

Uncover the skills to go from a liability at the front of the room to a powerful, persuasive communicator that effectively connects to the hearts and minds of your team.

The ability to deliver effective presentations is a learned skill, just as the technical skills of Project Management is a learned skill. In this presentation, your tech-talking professionals will be transformed into clear-messaging presenters. They will become comfortable with the audience, the medium, and the message.

Learn how to:

  • Deliver presentations that inform, educate, persuade, and even entertain
  • Maximize your messaging impact
  • Address the specific information needs of your various audiences at the level that they expect to be addressed.
  • Sell your proposals; deliver “dry” detail in an interesting manner
  • Command and hold audience attention, including the use of movement, gestures, vocal variety, and other effective front-of-the-room techniques
  • Use visuals for maximum effect
  • Handle questions with effective communication and responses that move people to action

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